Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Typically ever year around this time I buy myself a new winter coat.  With this year's never ending winter, I could have months of wearing it!  However, with my current "unemployed" predicament, I'll be skipping that tradition in order to keep money in the bank.  That doesn't stop me from looking though!

First is this little number from Modcloth.   An adorable website with constantly updated, well priced items.  That collar looks so cozy.  Perfect for nuzzling!

Its not secret that the Northeast is cold, and jackets with hoods are well appreciated.  Even more appreciated are the prices from Overstock and the ongoing $2.95 shipping.

Etsy is a very dangerous website.  Not only can you find amazing original items (seriously, half my Christmas shopping gets done on this site), but I can tell you (shamefully, from experience) that it is very easy to accidentally spend the entire afternoon browsing, only to look up and see its suddenly time for dinner and you're still in pajamas...oops.  But, hey, at least you got to support some independent artist-types.

And lastly, the splurge that I'd never actually be able to get, regardless of my employment status: a Lanvin Trench from Net-A-Porter.  So classy and timeless and ladylike.  I'd undoubtedly spill whatever it is I dared to hold while wearing it all over the front.  But, a girl can dream.

There's always next year.

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