Thursday, February 3, 2011
This unemployment thing is harder than it looks.  Does my increasing self doubt poke through in my interviews?  Sure, we talked for 45 minutes but wait!  She just checked her watch!  What does that mean?  That girl in the lobby waiting to go in after me has a skirt on.  Should I nix the slacks???  Nerves running amok!  Feeling terrible. 

Luckily the internet has plenty of ways to help:

1. Who wouldn't love this surprise from friends?  So sweet and personal.
2.  It would give me a lot to do if I was to plan a party, yes?
3.  Romance doesn't have to be expensive, if its with someone you love.
4.  If all else fails, thankfully Wikihow has step by step instructions on how to cheer up.

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