Monday, February 28, 2011

Adventures in Unemployment

Apparently after a few weeks of dishing out unemployment, New York State wants to give you a talking to.  Resulting in this pretty blue invitation.

I know its hard to read, so I'll paraphrase.  Get your tookus down to the Unemployment Office on February 25, 2011 at 9:15am for a Re-Employment Workshop, or we won't pay you anymore.  All of this was fine and dandy until yesterday when the weatherman announced that Friday we'd get a storm and it could result in the heaviest snow we've had all winter at one time.  Of course.  So, I strapped on my big girl boots and ventured out into the frozen tundra.

My choice was to drive downtown (navigating the weather, traffic and the plethora of one way streets Buffalo seems to love), or park at the train station and get a round trip ticket for $3.50.  You win again, train.


The best thing about public transportation is probably getting to eavesdrop on people's conversations.  Like the gentlemanly fellows next to me who were engrossed in a riveting discussion about whether or not it was possible to get chlamydia in your throat.  They reached their stop before I could hear their final decision.

A blustery block and a half walk after my stop and I reached the Unemployment Office.  I only took one picture here because I didn't know if I was really allowed to and didn't want to push my luck.  But check out the ceilings at the Palace of Versailles Buffalo's Unemployment Office:


We had a half an hour PowerPoint presentation on the services they offer, which included GED services, making a resume for you, and setting you up with classes on how to use the computer.  All worthwhile items, but as my unemployment coach said after I sat down individually with her, there wasn't a whole lot there that was beneficial for me.  We checked their system quickly for any Marketing or Communication jobs, and upon finding none, I received a good luck and a handshake and I was on my way.

I almost stopped at the Central Library while I was down there,  but upon leaving I was still faced with this:


So I decided my best bet was to hightail it home before I had to dig out my poor car that was quietly getting buried in a parking lot in North Buffalo.

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