Monday, March 7, 2011

Fancy Glue Ponderings.

My busy interview week landed perhaps a bit flat.  The trouble with looking for work in the Marketing/Communications field is that many employers use that title to encompass a variety of job functions, many of which are not actually Marketing/Communications.  Or, if the job functions are clearly defined, they are normally for upper level positions.  One of the interviews turned out to be a viable opportunity, but their time line for actually getting someone in there is looking like 6-8 weeks.  C'est la vie.  Not much to do but wait it out and keep applying.

In other news, after my bench redo, my hands and head are itching with ideas for a big sad dresser residing in my bedroom.  It was my grandmother's and made probably in the 50's.  Like many pieces of it's time, it's made of cheap lightweight wood covered in a veneer.  Now veneer can be stripped, but the results aren't always the best if you're not a pro.  Which is why I'm thinking something a little more .... pretty.

I'm particularly excited about 2 aspects of this project:  First, I already own the dresser so that part is entirely free, and second, I get to play with this guy:

Oh yeah, let's put on some Jefferson Airplane and get crazy.

****This project is on hold until I find a fabric or paper to attach that I fall head over heels for.  Yesterday's hunt for this magic material didn't turn out successful.  But, you'll be the first to see it when it becomes a reality.

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