Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life's a beach, har har

I think Spring may be here.  A sure fire sign is when the forecast switches from "Chance flurries" all week long to "Chance showers."  That does mean we're one step closer to summer though!  For now, galoshes and umbrellas will have to do, but soon we'll be burning up on the beach, falling asleep in the sun and fleeing aggressive seagulls (yes, Western New York has beaches, but if you have your passport, Canada has better ones).  Dreaming of beachy goodness... 

Although anyone who know me knows that I look far more like this when I'm on the beach:

But either way, sunshine, you're so close!  Come on home.  The east coast needs it's Vitamin D.

(Bathing suits from Anthropologie, Target, Urban Outfitters, and J. Crew.  Cover up from Forever21)

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